This year I am trying new techniques and different styles of painting. Borrowing theories from typography, graphic design and abstract work.

  • Type spray paint and acrylic.

Ghost Love [16x20in]

Repent [10x10in]

i still love you. [10x20in]

Learn. Adopt. [14x14in]

thoughts of you. [14x14in]

Corazon [10x10in]

DENY [10x10in]

overdue [16x20in]

XYZ [16x20in]

transcendence. [18x24in]

shimmer. [14x14in]

sulking. [8x8in]

Faithless. [12x12in]

Heaven’s Gates. [24x48in]

fathom [6x12in

promise [16x20]

Awakening [11x14in]

closer to me

In the back of beyond. [10x10in]

What has become. [4x12in]